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The Big Boquillas Ranch, “Big Bo”, is the largest working cattle ranch in Arizona and one of the top 25 largest working cattle ranches in the United States.  It is comprised of approximately 750,000 acres of which about 500,000 acres are private land and 250,000 are Arizona State Trust land (remember AZ State Trust Land is NOT public land). The Ranch provides an incredible environment for both cattle and wildlife.  Permanent water comes from 1 main well, numerous pumps, plus 400 miles of pipeline, 110 steel storage tanks, 150 water troughs and 130 dirt stock tanks. Big Bo maintains hundreds of miles of roads, a thousand miles of fencing, plus corrals and holding pastures.

The FAIRCHASE Hunting Program

The Big Boquillas Ranch is a working cattle ranch first and foremost. As you can imagine, this is a very large business operation. We do feel that our cattle operation can coexist with hunters, with benefits to both. A specific set of Ranch Rules has been developed to provide defined structure to allowable FAIRCHASE hunter activities. The intent of these rules is to minimize conflict and to lessen the economic impact on the cattle operation. Questions about the ranch rules will be discussed more in the FAQs link. The net income from the Ranch Access Permit fees will be used to off-set expenses for ranch maintenance of roads, fences and water improvements, which not only benefit the cattle operation, but benefit the wildlife and hunting experience on the ranch. There are always impacts from public recreation and wildlife use to landowners. By implementing this hunting access program, it will benefit all parties involved.

See the Big Bo Hunting Access Program Dollars at work!  

Aubrey Cliffs

2013 was the first year of implementing this program on the Big Boquillas Ranch and there were some challenges. However, we feel that by working together in a collaborative fashion we have made improvements each year that has followed.

This is a do it yourself FAIRCHASE hunting program. There are not any ranch sponsored guides or outfitters like many other ranches in and out of state. If you choose to hire a guide or an outfitter, you may do so. The hunt access rates page will explain each permit and its cost. We feel this program is fair to everyone with the same rules applying to hunters, hunter assistants, junior hunters, and guides and outfitters. The Ranch Rules and individual permit descriptions clearly explain what is expected of you. Your hunt success will largely depend on what you expect from your hunt, your skill and ability, your desire, your effort, etc. We think this program will benefit the ethical hunter that is looking for a quality hunting experience.

diamond-aThe Big Boquillas Ranch, sometimes called the “Diamond-A” because of our brand, encompasses a little over one half of Arizona Game Management unit 10. This Unit is very well known as a top producer of trophy quality bull elk and antelope. If you have drawn a permit for any of the hunts in unit 10, we welcome you to come and hunt the ranch. Please read the ranch access rates page and Ranch Rules and understand them prior to your arrival. If you have any questions, go to the FAQs link first. If you still have a question please contact us. You may also email questions to the Hunt Manager and we will try and answer it.  Hunter cooperation and positive behavior will decide future hunting opportunities on the Big Boquillas Ranch. Those individuals who may choose to be disrespectful of the hunting program, the ranch and/or any persons affiliated with either are simply welcome to hunt elsewhere.