March 2018 Prairie Dog Permits

The online permit sales link will be active by Monday March 12th for Prairie Dog Permits only.

Prairie Dog Hunters can purchase permits for $20 per day to access the Aubrey Valley portion of the ranch only. Hunters may purchase daily permits for any of the following dates – March 16 thru March 31, 2018. 

Big game access permits for elk, antelope and deer will be available to purchase online by July 23, 2018 

2017 Permit Sales

Online Permits are now available for elk, deer, antelope and prairie dog.

Daily $20 prairie dog permits for the Aubrey Valley portion only of the ranch will be available for purchase online. Hunters can choose any day(s) between August 4th and September 30th, 2017 for Prairie dog access.

Guide permit applications will be available thru email or mail request from the hunt manager after July 17, 2017. Guides are encouraged to get their application in early and well ahead of when they are requesting access. There is a process we go thru to verify guide applications, payment clear and liability insurance etc. to issue a permit and this can take up to week turn around time.

March 2017 Prairie Dog Access

The online permit sales link will be active by Tuesday March 14th for Prairie Dog only.

Hunters can purchase a permit for $20 per day to access the Aubrey Valley portion of the ranch only.

The dates the ranch will be open to purchase access permits will be March 17 thru March 31, 2017. Access for prairie dog hunting will open again on August 4th, 2017 with a daily permit. Online permits sales will be available on this website some time the third week in July.

2017 Access Fees

The Ranch and the AZGFD are currently in an agreement that runs thru December 2017. Ranch access fees will remain at the current rate posted on the “Hunt Access Rates”  page of the website thru the current agreement period.

Extensions and/or any revisions to this agreement will start to be negotiated beginning in early 2017 between the Ranch owners/Lessee and the AZGFD for the 2018 season and beyond.

Permit Sales 2016

  • Online Ranch Access permit sales for Elk, Antelope, Deer are now available. Permit sales will end Dec 14, 2016. Ranch access will close for the winter months after December 18, 2016 for the 2016/17 winter season.
  • Hunter & Hunter Assist permits are only available by online purchase. 
  • 2016 Guide/Outfitter Permit Application forms are now available by email request from the hunt manager. Guide/Outfitter permits are only obtained by submitting a paper application. Contact the hunt manager by email.

2016 Ranch Rules

Please read thru the updated ranch rules for 2016 to view any revisions. There were a number of individuals cited in 2015 by the AGFD that have lost ranch access privileges for 7 years per the Arizona landowner compact violation schedule. Overall though a very high percentage of hunters have been respectful of the access program and the ranch employees/affiliates. We have had a ton of positive emails from those thankful to be allowed the privilege of access. Individuals who may choose to be disrespectful of the hunting program, the ranch and/or any persons affiliated with either are simply welcome to hunt elsewhere. Sportsmen behavior determines access.

Fall 2016 Prairie Dog Access

  • Prairie Dog Hunting Access permits will be available to purchase online beginning the 3rd week of July 2016 along with big game permits.
  • Prairie dog Hunters can purchase Access Permits for $20 per day per person for any of the dates between August 5th and Sept 30th, 2016. The ranch will not be open to Prairie dog access until August 5th 2016.
  • Prairie dog access is limited to the grassland portion of the Aubrey Valley only. There is no access by foot or vehicle to any area outside of the “grassland portion” of the Aubrey Valley with the Prairie dog access permit.

Antler-less Elk Gift Card Winners announced!!

All of the antler-less elk hunters names for hunt 3050 and 3051 that purchased Big Bo ranch permits for the 2015 season were entered into a random raffle drawing.

Here are the winners of the 4 individual $200 Sportsman’s warehouse gift cards for the drawing……

Christopher Hartin 

JoEllen Stevens 

Loren Wilson 

Robert Kelley